Interior view of the synagogue without furniture.

Stylised wall painting with Hebrew script: Love your neighbour, for he is like you.

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|  Tuesday 21st May 2024


Welcome! Shalom!

Drohnenaufnahme, © Julian Kriesche

The Arbeitskreis Landsynagoge Roth, a project circle dedicated to preserving the synagogue in the village of Roth near Marburg in Hesse, Germany, welcomes you to our website. We would like to introduce you to our goals and inform you about our projects and activities. 

We provide guided tours of the memorial site, the synagogue in Roth, and of the Jewish Cemetery, as well as a variety of cultural activities. Join us in solemn remembrance of the displacement, persecution, and murder of our Jewish neighbors during the Nazi Regime. Perhaps you’ll find our multi-faceted memorial work so interesting that you yourself would like to become a member of our group. You are warmly welcome to join us! Newcomers are always welcome to get involved in our activities and participate in our various projects.

We would also like to introduce you to the history of the Jewish Community that shaped and influenced life in Roth over the centuries before being violently eradicated within less than ten years of Nazi reign. Roth lost an essential part of its cultural heritage. We are trying to preserve what has survived and discover and reconstruct what once was. The physical witnesses of this lost culture: the synagogue, the place of the mikveh, the Jewish cemetery, are here for you to see and experience. Historically, the Jewish communities in Roth and Fronhausen were closely linked. We also include valuable information about Fronhausen’s Jewish past and remaining artifacts on our website.

Yours truly,

The Managing Board of the Arbeitskreis Landsynagoge Roth



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